Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Beginning...

Our story begins long before our little tattered angel joined our family. My husband and I met an married in the first half of 1994. We had so many hopes and dreams for the future. We finished college and began trying to start our family. A few years into our marriage my doctor determined that biological children where probably not in our future. Thus began our adoption journey. In the late summer of 1999 "Big Brother Angel" joined our family. Our joy was overflowing. He was a healthy, happy, infant and a delight to our family.
In the spring of 2004 our "Little Angel" joined the family. He too appeared to be a healthy, happy, infant. Little did we know then the journey we were just beginning. Noticing the tatters was gradual at first. And many tatters are still hidden to the casual observer. But our journey has begun and the tatters appear more and more each day. We and our "Little Tattered Angel" have a long road ahead. This blog is our journey down that road.