Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Third Grade

Well third grade at our house started with a bang. OLA went back school and all heck broke loose. Both Sunday and yesterday we had some of the worst melt downs we've had in ages. What a mess. Starting school comes with both good and bad multiplied by about a million (slight exaggeration I know - LOL). I like it because I get a much need break from the chaos. But I hate it because the major battles begin once again. The worst is that we haven't even started with homework yet (that won't be for a few more days - oh joy of joys!!!). This year could be a real deal breaker. The concepts start to become more abstract, the work is harder and more of it, the teachers less forgiving, on top of it we have a new Principal and obviously a new grade and teacher. The stress level has been high around here for several days.
The one thing that I hope will be a real plus for him this year is that his teacher has a special ed endorsement. He's in a regular education class but the teacher has had extra training in special education. I hope this becomes a positive thing for him and his success this school year. We will have to see - for now we are cautiously treading water. Maybe the large waves will gives a break for awhile - cross our fingers and throw me a life jacket!