Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Up Side!!!

The past two weeks have been pretty rough over all. Lots of struggles. But in quiet moments I see more clearly the beauty of OLA. He has so many wonderful little qualities that most people don't ever see. He has the quirkiest funny little sense of humor. Sometimes he struggles with jokes or words with double meanings - he just doesn't always get it. But there are moments when he does get it and he will have us all in stitches. He may struggle with writing ( its like you have ask him to amputate when you ask him to use a pencil). But give him a screw driver, pair of pliers, or other tool and ask him to fix something for you and he's on it. Many chores create a drawn out battle - but put him in the garden with something that needs to be planted and he's the man. Or start making something in the kitchen and he climbs up next to you and helps. The other day I was making several different dishes that required vegetables. I had barely started to peel and dice the carrots and celery when he was there offering to assist.  Within a minute or two he had completely taken over the job.  Under my supervision he did all   the  carrots and  celery.  ( He left me with only the onion to do  ;-)  ). And he did an excellent job. There are so many times he can bring a smile just by walking into a room. He is tough and resilient with energy to spare. So many little things that others don't notice. They are too busy noticing the times he doesn't have it together and when his behaviors are less than desirable to see the sunshine that is there waiting to be let out. I wish they could see what I see on the Up Side!! These kids can be tough to parent but they can also bring lots and lots of joy if you take the time to see it!!