Sunday, December 18, 2011


As of yesterday this is what my Christmas Tree looked like - nothing on it. OLA has been melting repeatedly the last couple weeks. For whatever reason the Christmas Tree seems to be his target. After one broken set of lights, a shredded strand of garland, and several broken ornaments we decided to pull everything off and put away all the breakable things. We debated whether or not to completely put the tree away.  After some thought we purchased a small amount of shatter proof ornaments. We will redecorate the tree today: using less lights, shatter proof ornaments (in smaller quantities) and a few heartier wooden ornaments. We will also remove the garland and add either small paper chains or popcorn strings (kind of old fashioned but workable) and then maybe add some bows.
Holidays are hard for children with emotional and behavioral problems and OLA is no exception. Higher level of excitement/energy and lower ability to self regulate makes this time of year fraught with lots of melt downs and tantrums. He wants to do all the fun things other kids are doing but gets easily frustrated when things don't work out just how he wants them too. And complicating matters is BBA needs in regards to the things he is doing and his own desire to be just like his peers. It can be really tough being the sibling of a child with special needs.
So we pause give a huge sigh and continue to wade into the waves in hopes of finding at least a temporary calm amidst the storm.