Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It has been a while since I posted. The holidays have come and gone. And thankfully it was relatively quiet. We really toned down what we did this year and it seemed to help OLA deal with everything better even the arrival of a new little someone in our house hold(we are foster parents). But things have still been up and down. Especially, with school. It also hasn't helped that at the end of November my husband was told that sometime in the second half of this year eighty jobs are disappearing - including his. So OLA is having to deal with major thoughts of change - including moving.  It has added a new level of stress to our lives. What fun for us! 
We are also starting to see more open slips at school when it comes to understanding and getting things done. But, as parents we are still looked at as people who are to stupid to know our own child. In other words they are still convinced that if we will just shut-up and leave them alone they will fix whatever ails OLA. It is more than just a little frustrating!!  SCREAM, SCREAM, SCREAM!!! I'm dog paddling now in hopes to ride out yet another set of waves. Maybe, I'll learn to surf.