Monday, January 16, 2012

Where's the life jacket when you need it!!!

Today has been a day from ****. OLA has been home from school for six straight days. He missed Wednesday and Thursday last week because he was sick. Friday was a teacher work day. Then came the weekend and Today was suppose to be a snow make-up day. But since we haven't had all that much snow it wasn't needed and therefore the kids didn't go to school. To top everything off Dad left this morning for a week long business trip. He is so out of routine that our day started by him calling me several names after I told him he couldn't play club penguin on the computer because he hadn't eaten breakfast and he hadn't finished any of his school work from Wednesday and Thursday even though I have asked him multiple time this weekend. It all went down hill from there. It is now almost seven o'clock in the evening - he still hasn't played club penguin and the homework still isn't done. I only have to last ninety more minutes until bedtime (I hope I make it). And I plan on sending all his work back to school tomorrow undone - he will miss all of his recesses to get it finished - since there is to much for him to complete in just a couple of minutes.  I am just to tired to have this battle - it is a know win situation for me. His room is also a complete wreck because I wouldn't let him do something else that he wanted. And I have been bit, slapped, shoved and hit with each successive no today. He hasn't had this bad of a meltdown for quite awhile. It is days like today that I feel so angry about what the alcohol has done to my child. Why can't I just have a normal child like most of the rest of the world. Today I'm drowning in a pity party and am having a tough time not feeling sorry for myself. I can't do that very often because it doesn't allow me to effectively advocate for him. But there is no life jack for me and I'm not sure anyone would care to throw me one if there was.  Ninety minutes - just ninety minutes!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hyper Drive!!!

It has been a while since I've posted. We survived the holidays- just barely. OLA really struggled this year to keep it together. Despite the struggles we did have a really great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But December 26th and 27th were not as nice. We hit the over drive period from the two previous days. OLA had done so well on the 24th and 25th that we had told him and BBA that we would leave the tree up until Wednesday evening. However he had struggled so much to keep it together both Monday and Tuesday that by first thing Wednesday morning the tree had to come down. It really helped he did well for the rest of the break - even church. The only exception was Sunday night when he realized that he would have to return to school the next day. Then once again things turned a little bit crazy.
We did however have the blessing of two quiet Sundays. Two Sundays in a row without major incidents at church. But, alas, it was not a permanent thing (not that we thought it would be - but were wondering if we could make it three) yesterday was chaotic to say the least. OLA was wound tighter than a spring and going at a hundred miles and hour all day long - even hours after returning from church.  So I guess it is back to normal around here - what ever normal is these days! :)