Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It begins!!!

Well it has begun!!  I was hoping that with every passing minute, hour, day, week, month and year of school that we would miss the "inevitable". That is a trip to the Principal's office (not for a reward). But alas - tis not so. I should quit holding my breath on these things - I know it is only a matter of time. The principal met me at the car today after school. To tell me there had been an incident on the playground involving OLA. I didn't know whether to be mad, to cry, or to laugh ( although it certainly wasn't a laughing matter).  And although OLA knew he was walking over to talk to me he still didn't get it. On the way home he just kept asking me why I was upset at him. Oh, how I hate that disconnect in his brain. I just pray that we get him to all the way grown-up without him doing anything "really" stupid. He is just so impulsive and out of control it is scary sometimes - to say he doesn't think before he acts it putting it mildly. And when the ODD kicks in lets just ratchet everything up a notch - or two - or three - or even four.  I'm swimming with all my might but I'm still drowning. What a nightmare this life is. And the worst of it is that when we were all done the principal said to me, " I'm still not sure I got the whole story figured out".  I told him "with OLA you probably won't".  I not sure he knew what to do with that statement. They don't really get FASD. So the fun begins. Yippee, for Me!!